Windows VPS Tutorial

How to upgrade Windows 2008 R2 OS?

1. Go to Start Menu and click on “Control Panel“. 2. Type “update” in the search box and click on “Check for updates” under the “Windows Update” option. 3. If Automatic update is disabled, click on “Turn on Automatic Updates” and then on “Check for updates“. After a few minutes, it will show an option […]

How to Install Windows 2003 R2 (Starting)

How to Install Windows 2003 R2 In this tutorial we will demonstrate to you the installation procedure for Windows 2003 R2 Operating System. To make things easier for you, we have automated the entire installation process. Now you will only need to start the installation and then set a password for the Windows OS. Step […]

How to Install Windows RDP or RDC Client on Mac OS?

If you already Install Windows RDC Client then you can read our next tutorial on “How to Access RDP/RDC Client from MAC OS” Step 1: Click here to Download MAC RDC Client and once you download Windows RDC Client(RDC_2.1.x.dmg) file then open RDC_2.1.x.dmg file. After you will open a dmg file it will look like […]

How to Change Windows VPS Default RDP Port?

Its a good idea to change your Windows VPS default RDP port from 3389 to other port to save your VPS from RDP Brute Force Attack, Dictionary Attack and some other attacks. Video Tutorial: Step by Step Text Tutorial with Images… How Can I Change my Default Remote Desktop Port?Step 1: Login to your Windows […]

How to Access RDP or RDC from Mac OS?

Step 1: On your MAC Desktop click on “Windows RDC Client”     Step 2: In computer field enter your VPS IP Address and then click on “Connect” button.     Step 3: Now in “User name” and password field enter your Windows RDP Username and Password and click on “OK” button (Please note: By […]

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